Basement Waterproofing Solutions


Your Problem

Do you have a wet, musty basement?

You do not have to live with it any longer.

Wet basements are caused by either water leaking through stone walls, cracks in walls or foundations, exposed reinforcement bar, bulkhead entrances or window wells.  Basically, any water seeping above floor level and dripping onto the basement floor.

- OR -

As is the case in many New England neighborhoods, a high water table and hydrostatic water pressure are to blame.  Which means that water is rising under your basement floor until it reaches the point that it pops up on to your floor.

Often times this water first appears at the seams where the floor meets the wall, or maybe through an old crack in the floor.  This is water that, via Mother Nature, is coming up with the rising water table and cannot be stopped. 

This water needs to be controlled!

Our Solutions

My crew and I install quality drain systems that control hydrostatic water pressure before it gets to floor level. 

Our systems work in conjuction with Zoeller sump pumps and full sized sump wells for maximum efficiency. 

This is what New England Basement does on a daily basis.  We are not plumbers, we are not masons.  We are waterproofing experts.

About Us

My name is Dan McQuade, the founder of New England Basement.

Truth be told,  I actually thrive on my work!

I have been a contractor for the past 15 years, and I base my business on providing my customer with quality workmanship at a fair and reasonable rate

Benefits To You

What are the benefits to working with New England Basement?

We are not the big franchise companies with the high pressure, commission sales representatives.  I personally bid all of my own work, and oversee all installations of systems and pumps myself.

By keeping my overhead low, I can pass the saving on to you and still provide you a lifetime, fully transferable gaurantee.

Contact Us

My advice and estimates are always free!

I welcome all inquires.  I am happy to talk to you about the smallest of problems.  Don't forget, I enjoy my work, and am happy to talk with you about you waterproofing needs and our solutions.

You can reach me directly by calling 781-762-1799.  Or, feel free to email me your questions or concerns online at

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